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Sunday, August 1, 2010

08/01/10 2010 ELECTIONS - CT CANDIDATE ROUNDUPS: Secretary of the State (Jerry Farrell Jr, Gerry Garcia, Denise Merrill

Photo: Connecticut Republican Candidate Secretary Of State
Jerry Farrell Jr

Even the politically astute of Connecticut have got to be preparing scratch sheets to keep track of who is running for what this political season.

It is a tough job to try and keep track, but it is a job that needs to be done.

People shouldn't complain about their elected representatives if they don't at least cast an educated ballot first.

Do a little homework first. Visit the candidates' websites and study their positions on issues that you care about.

Not sure who is running? Then go to the secretary of the state's website (ctgov.org will get you started) and find out the candidate's names, political parties and offices that they are seeking.

Speaking of the secretary of state, did you know that Gerry Garcia (yes, that's really his name) could get bumped in next week's primaries in his bid to be Connecticut's new secretary of the state?

The Democrat is vying for the seat against party endorsed candidate Denise Merrill in what will be a three-way race Nov. 2 pitting either Garcia or Merrill against Republican Jerry Farrell Jr. and Green Party contender S. Michael DeRosa.

It's an important job, overseeing the state's elections, so we'd all do ourselves a favor by brushing up on the candidates' qualifications and platforms so we can make informed decisions come November.

Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr, nominated at convention for Secretary of State, reiterated the calls for fiscal conservatism, even through the Secretary of State's office.

Farrell just qualified for public campaign financing.and submitted his paperwork to the State Elections Enforcement Commission in preparation of the November general election.

Farrell’s campaign raised over $75,000 from over 900 contributors who were limited to a maximum of $100 per person.

Once approved, Farrell will receive a grant of $750,000 to compete with a Democratic opponent who will receive the same grant.

Farrell and Democratic attorney general candidate George Jepsen are the only statewide candidates without a primary election to receive public funding.

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